Posted on 6/26/2023 by Ronald Ahrens

Palm Springs Life


Co-owner Kenneth Lord commissioned this contemporary design for his property in Joshua Tree from his brother, James Lord, principal of Surface design in San Francisco. Anchored in the rocky landscape, “the pool seems to be rising out of the rock in a naturalistic manner,” Kenneth says. Diagonal strips of hardscaping present strong graphical elements. A mirrored privacy wall, to be installed along the pool’s eastern edge, will “accentuate the connection between the earth, sky, and water.”


Looking out across the Joshua Tree and Southern Railroad Museum, this newly built infinity pool replaced the former “cowboy tub,” bringing a splash of modernity to a dusty High Desert compound. A saltwater system is gentle on eyes already bugging out at scale-model steam trains and vast hills spilling out of the national park. A sturdy lounging net supports poolside stargazers. Chaises and a tanning shelf emphasize that you’re not at the John C. Argue Swim Stadium in Los Angeles anymore.

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