Posted on 2/21/2024 by Tay Belgeri

Travel Awaits - Park Place / The Landing House

Park Place

Park Place zeroes in on two features: immersion into the desert and extravagance. The house is located next to the western entrance into Joshua Tree National Park, which makes it ideal for those who plan on spending a lot of time hiking and exploring. 

The floor-to-ceiling windows showcase views of the park, along with it’s hot tub, which overlooks the sprawling desert. Despite this focus on the outdoors, Park Place doesn’t skimp on its luxury amenities.

From its brand-name washer-dryers to its fully equipped game room, guests can expect a well-balanced stay. The location got its name from the many games of Monopoly the former owner used to play. Though it’s now run by Homestead Modern, you’ll still be able to feel this cozy family vibe.


  • Bed & bath: Two bedrooms, two baths
  • Sleeps: Four
  • Top Amenities: Closest cabin to Joshua Tree National Park, two electric vehicle chargers, hot tub, grill, wood-burning fireplace, high-speed Wi-Fi, game room, propane fire pit, and pet-friendly
  • Budget range: Affordable
  • Location: South Joshua Tree (located just outside the National Park)

The Landing House

There’s no stone left unturned in this ultra-lux and super-modern Airbnb. In fact, The Landing House earned a shoutout from The New York Times back in 2023 thanks to its high design, focus on sustainability, and list of unique amenities.

Think: hidden doors, heated plunge pools, and private hiking trails. Aside from its innovative design, the Landing House includes appliances and amenities from Bang & Olufsen, Heath Ceramics, Grown Alchemist, and Industry of All Nations.

Each room contains its own sense of ambiance and wonder, creating an oasis and mirage-like atmosphere. But it’s got functionality, too. The Landing House offers a separate office for those who need to jump on a call, along with plenty of exercise options for those who want to do yoga or lift some weights.


  • Bed & bath: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • Sleeps: Five
  • Top Amenities: Close to Joshua Tree National Park, mid-century modern design, plunge pool, mountain bikes, hot tub, propane fire pit, products from luxury designers, Starlink connection, Tesla charger, and surround sound (living room)
  • Budget range: Luxury
  • Location: South Joshua Tree (just a short drive to National Park)
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