Posted on 2/8/2024 by Caroline Williamson

Design Milk - The Landing House

Industry of All Nations (IOAN) has unveiled The Landing House, a modern wood pavilion seamlessly integrated into the rugged Mojave Desert landscape, near California’s Joshua Tree National Park. In the vast expanse of the desert, where the landscape is both harsh and delicate, the home is an example of eco-sensitive design that not only respects but enhances the surrounding environment.

The Landing House begins with the Gerscovich brothers – Fernando, Juan Diego, and Patricio – whose passion for sustainable design led them to the awe-inspiring Mojave Desert in 2019. Struck by the beauty of the landscape and its natural light patterns, they envisioned a retreat blending into the untouched desert surroundings. After acquiring five-acres of land filled with iconic Joshua trees, natural boulders, and countless views, the brothers embarked on a mission to create a sustainable haven that respects the delicate ecosystem.

Fernando Gerscovich, a Buenos Aires-born architect, emphasizes the importance of minimizing disruptions to the natural landscape. “The landscape is harsh, and it can take decades for a plant or tree to recover if displaced from its delicate ecosystem,” he says. The design philosophy revolves around integration, ensuring that The Landing House becomes a comfortable retreat without imposing on the delicate balance of the desert ecosystem.

The low-profile structure, the use of simple materials like concrete, cedar, and glass, and a commitment to natural aging contribute to the unobtrusive yet captivating presence of the pavilion.

Designed for privacy and tranquility, the home is reached via a 400-year private road that winds through the desert terrain to a 9-foot-high horizontal wall protecting the house. A Yucca tree marks the entrance, welcoming guests to the vacation rental, where they’ll discover endless, 360-degree views...

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