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Outdoor Improvement Offerings


W r xpert no onl a managin vacatio entals, ut als t designin an  installin outdoo menities tha mak   nic propert special.  


W r o h nl ne fferin hes or hings.  ut n on doe the wit he qualit an aturalisti touc ha ffer.  


Th ompetitio ee h acatio enta arke nd th righ outdoo touche ensur hat propertie r or ikel ooked, n ighe verage ightl ates.  


Her r om u utdoo mprovemen fferings: 


Hot Tubs

Ho ub r h o h is eatures tha ca demonstrabl boos revenu t acation rentals. W instal l ake an odel an w ar  exper a knowin th es place instal them t nsur h igges “wow” actor. An w d  i al — includin installin  oncrete pad and providin h ecessar irin n lumbing. 


Fro h o $6,000’ (Ho Tu no included) 

(phot RH) 




Cowboy Tubs

W er mon h irs h ig eser reat “instan wimmin ools” y convertin galvanize tee toc ank “cowboy” ubs. I ho  weather, renter ar delighte t fin plac oo ff.  owbo ub il ha il economicall an hav th adde   advantag o eing 

“Instagrammer magnets.”  


W onver toc ank ha he av apid-fil apabilit n uick-drai ystem.  he idea i no tor ate he (a ith wimmin oo o ub), hu voidin he ee o have the erviced.  nstead the ar draine afte  eac us int ndergroun perforate ipe that i installe adjacen t lants tha  ca benefi fro ittle extr ater. 


W av nstalle ot oun ank (usuall fiv i ee iameter) n maller, blong ones.  


Fro $XXX 




In-ground Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

eal, n-groun wimmin oo ar hin h ig esert.  n easo o ha a o wit oncerns abou evaporatio iven th  scarcit o wate — a wel  a h ea ttracting critters. Bu improvement i utomatic ool cover hav largel negate oth ssues.  


W r eein or n or nteres n-groun wimmin ools, speciall large propertie bl ccommodat or uests.  n her irect lin betwee havin swimmin oo n ein bl harg ig verag ightl ates (and eein or verall bookings).  


Thes ools d no nee t arge.  ven   poo s smal s 1 ee y ee an measurably ad t you property’ renta value. 


Also, onside n-poo pa.  ncludin eate p it et ar ou oo projec saves mone b allowin yo t forg separate, ree-standin  ho tub.  t als save  spac sinc h oo n p r ntegrated. 


Fro $XX,XX o 5 poo 

Fro $XX,XX o oo it ntegrate pa  

(phot aKanda) 



Outdoor Showers

Everyon emember hei irs utdoo howe xperienc umme amp.  in hi t b on h os opula amenitie yo ca provid you uests.  An hey a e urprisingly inexpensive t install. W typicall tr  t ind suitabl spo jus utside a existin  bathroo for th eas cces ot o nd ol ater. 


Fro $1300.00 


(phot M1) 





Fire Features

Ther othing quit s sublim itting n fron o arm fir i he ig eser whil stargazing o coo evening. Th easies ay t provid thi   experienc t ou uest o offer propane-fuele fir feature.  


On o h imples ay hi ak arge, tee hines ok, d hre hor teel legs an ir in n — rest — inexpensiv ir eatur hat invite peopl  t pul u chairs o ll sides. W ofte instal thes wit  flexibl  hose an quick-connec fitting s yo ca ov o accommodat the ctivities. 


W ls ffe or laborat ireatures, uc ne ashione roun abbio — ire cage fille wit rocks. 


Whethe o gabbio — somethin els — e alway recommen tha yo hav u instal imer.  enter r amou o etirin ed an  leavin th fir pi goin trong —  l night long. W als wil instal key-les valv tha llow yo re-se h aximu flam height. 


Fro $95 o o ir eatures 

Fro $X,XX o abbio ir eatures 


(photo M n 1) 




Trash / Recycling Enclosures

They ma o exy, u perationall e in avin treet-sid ras an ecycling enclosur i oo o peratio acatio enta roperty.  he llo ras n ecycling bins t b kep wher ou an the — djacent th tree n h isposa rucks hat service the — withou offendin eighbors b  makin the oo h ins l eek. 


W ypicall uild the ou o corrugate ra stee tha w pra it ppl inega s ha hey develop ric patin tha help hem “disappear.”  

$58 or hree-side nclosure easurin - ’ 0’ ’ 

$680 fo four-side enclosure measurin XX b X 

$78 o hree-sided enclosure suitabl fo  th larger, wheele ins 

$1300 fo our-side nclosures, it ate, suitabl o h arger, heeled ins 


(phot M1) 


Privacy Screens

On h ey peratin uccessfu acatio enta inimizin h isua nd ound interaction betwee you propert an eighboring properties.  Mos o  u  h ig eser re not fan o propert lin fencing. e  in  tha   few,  carefull place privac screen ma b al that’s neede reat rivac n reserv h ens h ide-open esert.  


Ou ypica rivac cree abricate ro aw, orrugate tee heet ounted t ra stee poles ( each se i concrete). W lik t the spra th  stee it pple inega o ha h teel quickly acquire deep, natural-lookin  atin ( an  disappear int th surroundin landscape).  


Eac cree usto esigneo h ntendeocation.  Ofte creen no eve av o reach al th wa t th  round ecause th ightly line  w  ar tryin t bloc don’ requir it. Tha help kee h creen smal ossibl an ess btrusive.  


Fro $4 e inea oo (si ee all) 

(photo a CMR) 






Retractable Patio Shade Structures

I h ig esert, ummer r lent ar nd inters cool. Tha pose challeng or patios.  h ummer, uests an  ampl shad s the  ca avoi irect sun. I  th winter, the an l h u he an find.  


W olv hi ilemm fferin ariet etractabl had tructures, os fte tilizing shade clot materials. 


Fro $4500 

(phot M1) 



Permanent Patio Structures

Som ropertie av h uxur avin or ha n ati r deck. An  thi offer th opportunit esignat n h “winter” pati offerin o hade an “summer” ati it permanent shad structur fo maximu comfor i ho  umme onths. 


W esig n uil ariety o permanen pati covers. W  us bot stee an  ood fo framing an numbe f aterial o h op.  


Fro $2800 

(phot M1) 





Concrete or Paver Patios

Ther othin or ractical —  an beautifu ( if correctl conceived) — tha oncrete o paver patio. The rovid ear-roun surfac ha no mpacte ain. he ls re easy t clea an the   minimiz h rackin ir nt ou ome.  


Fro $5 er quar oot fo concret 

From $12 e quar oo or paver 

(phot M o oncret n hot G o avers)  



Photo for paver deck???


Wood Decks

Woo eck av nmistakable warmt  t them. The lso allo nwanted dir t fal  of o shoe he r as eep clean. Ou deser i ver ars o mos wood e refer o use product suc a ipe, ustainably harveste  Sout merican hardwood. I  quickl acquire wonderfu ra atin n i earl plinte ree.  


W ls esign n nstal eck ad ro h ow-commo yntheti oo roduct (suc s Trex).  


Whateve h aterial, ou ec il hav an umber o potentia se — ncluding tar gazing ( be sur t bu lie-fla loungers) an  yoga.  

Fro $5 e quar oo o p ecks 

From $4 pe squar foo fo re ( imilar) ecks  

(phot aKanda) 



Decomposed Granite Patios

Som u avorit utdoo ittin rea onsis othin or ha atura oil.  u o ll high deser propertie ar blesse ith th dea atura oil fo comfortabl use. he luck properties hav a abundanc o decompose granit — D —  soi almos entirel devoi  o an organi materia o clay. eel reat nder are eet, neve reate uddy onditions, isn’t dust ( even i wind conditions) an drain  quickly. 


Fo ropertie o lessed, rin G, e n he ol ha ompact nd creates natura an attractiv surface.  


Fro $19 e quare oot 


(phot actu oo etreat) 





ropan (o atura a vailable) arbecu ecessit n acatio enta (w ever recommend harcoa riquet barbecues). Propan arbecue ca impl free-standing uni yo purchas yoursel r   mor elaborate, built-i n w a desig nd install fo you.  


N atte hic a o o, trongl ecommen ha o o ak s hos biquitous five-gallon propan tanks. Wit  hese mall anks, t s mperativ ha o av ack-up anks available o th propert o tha renter ar o allin o i h iddle ookin inner because the ra out. An renter ar otorious fo no tellin  o whe he witch anks, hus leavin o otentiall cramblin he h exente un hroug an n ind he “backup” an mpty.  


W refe onnec l arbecues t th arge (200-gallon an p), ruck-refille anks. e can economicall mak thes connection fo ou. 


Man omeowners, speciall arge roperties, an or laborat — nd usuall built-i — arbecue.  hes fte eatur arg la rea (stainles tee tone) uitabl o etting out appetizer o entir   uffets.  hey ls ypicall hav reat ightin n lent torage space underneath.  


And, us it ropan ir eatures, trongl recommen o av nstal ime o even i renter forge t tur of h arbecue, yo wil nl os e inute ort ropane.  


Fro $1 e oo o “har ipe” arbecu arge ropan ank From $280 fo built-i barbecu 




Horseshoe Pits

Renter ov n xcus utdoor u ig eser nvironment.  n h east expensive thing yo ca offe the  a nticemen orseshoe pit. W buil hem  regulation requirement s tha you renter a xperienc uthenti horsesho atche ith thei riends.  


Fro $650 


(phot M1) 



Bocci Ball Courts

Bocc al a njoye remendou enaissanc opularity.  a uil o egulation cour ha il av ou enter nstagramin ik razy.  

Fro $2400 



Hammocks and Hammock Circles

Nothin ays relaxatio lik hammock. I  yo don’  hav  natura spo wher yo ca connec w end o hammock, w wil provid t!  W refe t s tee ost se concrete. 


Lately, av otte equest o “hammoc ircles.” W et cente stee ost wit  fou hooks i concret an the arra  ou the tee post it n oo ac n ircl round th ente ost.  oo ou ammock n o av ammoc ircle.  ou riend an star gaz unti thei heart ar content!  

Fro $65 or singl teel ost wit hoo 

$1550 fo hammoc circl se u ( hammock  no ncluded)  

(photo a HM whe completed)  




Concrete Block Retaining Walls

One o h os urabl n fficien ethod o retainin oi phil slop concret bloc etainin all.  u ea uild hes od n it rope ootings.   he a e painte n andscape ofte hei ppearance. 


Fro $6 e ac oot 

(phot amma) 



Natural Boulder Retaining Walls

Sometimes h nl yp etainin al ha ork estheticall al ad ro and-set natural boulders. Le u loo  a you situatio nd provid ou wit id. 


(phot M1) 





Low-voltage Landscape Lighting Systems

We ar ver mindfu o th  mportance f limitin he amoun  f mbien  ight t an   u  hig deser acatio enta properties. Preservin ou dar kie o h njoymen loca wel s out-of-town stargazer ita o l s.  hat’ h e desig minimall invasiv ow-voltage landscape lightin systems.   nd eve esig hem om utomatically a usk. Instead yo mus tur the o whe yo wan the ( and ime hut he f utomatically after se amoun o time). 


Fro $X e ixture 

(phot RH) 





Security Camera Poles

A e ecurit echnologie uc es amera ecom or revalent, r elping our client instal th supportin infrastructur suc tee ole n lectrica onnections.  


Fro $60 e ole 

(phot M1) 



Driveway Posts for Chains

On h es — n eas xpensiv — eterrent o keepin unwante vehicle fro enterin ropert r impl stee ost it adlocke hain.  he ar nobtrusiv nd effective.  


Fro $55 o wo. 


(phot M1) 



Rollout Decks at Tubs

Sometimes whe o av ee sittin o ub o while yo wan nothin mor han o cool of bit. W hav starte esigning woode   “rollout” eck ext ot ub (and sometimes betwee o u n earb owbo ub).  


From: $350 

(phot ro M nc uilt) 



Hot Tub Lid Racks

A proble wit o ub ha yo o it he ulky i he h u s eing sed?  I yo have n solutio fo thi problem,  enters ill simpl oss th  id o th round wher i ill inevitably ge dirt an tor u ( especially i he win i lowing).  


Som anufacturer ak izm ha llow o etrac h i u fte thes etrac n ways tha interfer wit view o  th  urroundin esert.  




W ave create desig tha eliminate  thi problem. I i simpl teel rac tha allow  th li asil li f n ow ro h ub.  oe o nterfer it iew n eep he lid fro bein blow abou b winds. 


Fro $480 

(phot GR) 



Towel and Clothes Racks at Outdoor Tubs

Anyon sin o u owbo u il nevitabl ookin o lac an heir clothe n owel he ta r n lean.  u tee ack us hat.  n he re attractive!  


Fro $25 o our-foo ack 

(phot GR) 






Benches at Outdoor Tubs

enc o u owbo u ecessity.  ffe umbe f esigns.  n f ur favorites i simpl steel-and-woo model.  


Fro $35 fo three-foo ipe-on-stee bench. 

(phot TGR) 



Native Plant Landscaping

Anyon a u ow h om epo n u om lant tic hei ard.  hink a specia hig deser propert deserve etter.   W ove esignin impl landscap scheme that utiliz plan specie tha ar nativ t  u rea. in ha hes r ppreciate y renter nd tha the stan p  u arsh ondition — fte it rrigatio ystem required.  


Price ary dependin upo you situation. 

(phot RRH)





Irrigation Systems 

Even he lantin it ativ lan pecies, in ha ddin us ittl ate h ight time o yea ca ensur tha th lant hriv an gro mor uickl tha i the re ef ur natural rai cycles. 


Prices var dependin upo you situation. 

(phot M1) 




Screened Utility Yards

We ar bi believer h mportanc ivin enter ristin eser xperience s possible. That’ n h eason ha heneve ossibl el u lients rou  al o thei utility apparatu behin scree s  renter onl se deser vist devoi f lutter.  


Amon h quipmen ha ik id r h ollowing:  ells, umps, ate anks, propane tanks, fir sprinkle gear, satellit dishes, tras n recyclin ins, lotheslines, ool sheds, irrigatio gear, lectri eter n anels, ola ear, generators, elephone unction boxes, etc.  


Price ar epending upo you situation.  (phot M1) 



Gas Timers for Fire Features and Barbecues 

W av earne h ar a — o eve an ffe ou renter barbecu o fir featur ithou irs nstallin a imer. I i ust o as or renter t retir  fo th vening without firs havin extinguishe eithe th  fir featur o  h  barbecue.  hi a e ery expensive problem. 


Fro $195 

(photo M1) 



Property Name / Address Signs

Let u creat distinctive n urabl “monument” ign o you ome.  a nclud he property nam o th stree ddress — oth. 


Fro $XX 

(phot M) 



Wildlife Guzzlers

Visitor h ig eser ov eein ildlif — distance. Th bes wa  t encourag thi interaction o you propert i wit wildlif uzzler. uzzle imple, n-groun ourc f water tha wil dra wildlife. Properl esigned an placed,  i  wil mak wildlif fee saf enoug to drink. W buil hese o loo natura n e as t aintain.  


Fro $XXX 

(phot urwitz) 



Control / Light Poles at Hot Tubs

Renter ov o ubs.  n he ov ein bl ontro hei xperienc h ub.  ost importantly, he an bl al afel h u h ark, av noug igh o disrobe a th u n he urn of  al light s tha whe the ar i th tu the  av  he best possibl ie h igh sk —  undisturbe b unwante ights.  


W esig nd instal simpl stee pole tha giv renter thi leve o contro a he tubs. Typicall her s igh he ol itsel s the ave nough ligh t remov th ub li an han hei owel n lothes.  he here i suall switc tha urn f ll he at ights they jus se ind h ub.  n e ypicall nclud owe utle h ole. 


Fro $550 


(phot M1) 



Landscape Cleanup  

Visitor u re trongl refe en ropertie ha r lea — insid  an outside.  W hav h quipmen n no o lea u ve h unkies roperties. 


Fro $XXX 



Custom Steel Items

If yo hav a ide fo  retty muc  an custo stee thin — e an uild t or ou.  sk!